Nile Flame formerly "Young Flame" was a member of duo hip-hop group Majestic Bohemians a.k.a 1000 B until they decided to split ways 2015. Born Herman Lute Woods II on September 14, 1991 to Angela Laverne Woods and Herman Lute Woods Sr. in Philadelphia, PA. Because he writes, is a lyricist, singer, producer, and engineer; he is a rare breed. Self taught in it all makes him the rising J. Cole west. At 17 he really became interested in the business of the industry and how it worked which is why he chose to remain independent.

He's been around music his entire life. As a child he sang in the church choir as a choir boy and his mother has been singing and teaching him for over 20 years. Teddy Penergrass is his paternal grandmothers 1st cousin so it's safe to say music runs through his blood. He calls himself "The Sun's Son". He will bring the fun and genuiness back into doing music and remind moguls and rising icons alike why they got into the industry in the first place.

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